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Profitable Investment Option in Noida?

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Farmhouses near Sector 150 and ATS Pristine Projects, Noida - Alaska Farms

Farmland/Farmhouse in residential or holiday property is rising as a very popular form of investment in India. Not only the Resident Indians but the NRIs are also putting their money in freehold lands realty in prime locations of India.

Let us learn more about freehold properties in India and why they are so profitable.

What is Freehold in Real Estate?

Freehold real estate basically means the farmlands or residential plots. When you invest in a freehold land, you are buying a farmland or agricultural land . You will pay only for the said size.

While investing in freehold lands, you need to look at many factors, the most important of which are:

— Centrality of the location

— Layout of the project

— Neighbourhood dynamics

— Catchment area of the property

— Connectivity

— Legality

— Laws related to free hold space prevalent in the location

What makes freehold land in residential property a profitable investment venture?

As compared to housing projects, freehold real estate units give higher returns on investment and they are also a great opportunity for earning a regular income.

However, at the same time, you know the territory of their endeavor as well. The property at a more affordable rate won't, for the most part, be worthwhile for your lifestyle. Components like system, neighborhood, social quality and security should be considered.

Among residential realty options, freehold properties come out as the showstopper. Given below are a few reasons why retail real estate is preferred by avid investors:

- Higher rental Yields

- Exponentially appreciations

- No lease

- Minimal charges for registry

Hence, we can see that freehold land in Noida can be extremely profitable if invested wisely.

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Farmhouses near Sector 150 and ATS Pristine Projects, Noida - Alaska Farms